Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Leaving my lazy ways behind

I'm embracing the vinyasa.  It helps realign and unkink my whole body between poses, and it keeps my practice a little more challenging.  My tendency towards yoga laziness (read: yin) has been replaced with a slightly faster-moving practice that burns away everything I don't need--all that worry, frustration, and anxiety stuff.  The sanskrit for the burning off of these feelings is tejas, from what I understand.  

Don't be too impressed: my chosen version of the vinyasa is a push-up with my knees down, cobra instead of upward-facing dog, and then I don't lower down after cobra, saving myself some muscular effort when I then push back into downward-facing dog.  

I'm still proud.  And it is nice to just keep moving...anytime there's less room for thinking and more reason for the breath and body to connect, that's a good thing.

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