Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Share Your Practice!

Making a yoga video is the least scary way I've found to practice being a yoga teacher.  I get to teach AND I get to edit out my mistakes!  Kira asked those of us teacher training grads who've already made videos to help inspire the others to do the same.  In case you haven't seen them, here are links to Casey's and Lisa's really awesome videos:

Ok, everyone else, it's your turn! 

P.S. For some reason blogger cuts off the edge of the screen.  You don't miss out on much but you can see the whole screen if you click on the video and watch it from the YouTube site.  


Kai said...

hey ashley,
this is kai from ojai. for the longest time i had no idea that zenmuffin was you, so great. all your posts and videos radiate such sweet authenticity, i love it!! all the best to you!!! namaste

Zen Muffin said...

kai, thank you!! i love that you didn't know who zen muffin was. that's pretty funny. it's me! thanks for the supportive words! take care, ashley

alain said...

OK... I'm finally ready to make a video. Again you inspire me to move forward :-)

I like how you filmed yourself, filming yourself...

Would it be wierd if I filmed myself watching your film of you filming a video? LOL

FrenchToast said...

oh i am so sad that china censors youtube!!!! i want to see it. i will try to make one of me soon.