Thursday, January 22, 2009

Round up

Ay yo.

Here's a blog that combines my two great interests in life: yoga and writing. But I'm not writing, and not really practicing. The best I can offer is a roundup of what I've been doing to fill my time and pay my bills in Beijing.

I have no yoga community in Beijing; in fact, I am my own yoga community. My job thus far in this city is bringing yoga--my own yoga--to people in their homes. I do 1:1's and small group classes, teaching in living rooms or closed patios. So far there are four one on ones and a group of four together. What I teach is based entirely on who shows up. Kira's phrase that's basically become my business practice. I go to my sessions with outlines of a class, but upon arrival we move how the spirit moves us, so they say. With one client, the spirit moves her not to move, but to talk. I have to dig into 'teacher' mode to get her to inhale rise up, exhale swandive, inhale half lift.

Another client wants a workout. I showed up with a C2 routine, and while she is physically capable, her practice is riddled with bad habits. How do I correct her? I just did, at first with a shaky voice and then with more confidence.

Other clients want help with core strengthening. It's never ending, that quest for a six pack stomach. I teach and demonstrate and hope no one notices the places where my belly is soft. I mention bandha's, I mention the transverses, Richard Freeman, the 'cosmetic ab crunches', and wonder if I know what I'm talking about.

I miss my studio in Boulder, and I miss my studio in Ojai. I've been to a few classes here, but found them uninspiring.

Not to complain. But I am, I suppose. Just a little yoga lonesome.


Kira Ryder said...

keep representing! and yes, we are asked to continually meet each other where we are at. which is not always pretty. LOVE YOU.xok

Noodlegirl said...

Ahh thats funny. As a half chinese person I can tell you I so totally see them doing that lol!

I miss your yoga studio in Hawaii in Ashland there are good ones but it would be great if some of these hippies would use some deodrant!