Thursday, June 12, 2008

omg so nervous

i can't believe the teacher training starts tonight. in forty-five minutes to be precise. i'm so nervous! i love that it starts so late in the evening, it makes it feel sort of mysterious and exciting. i feel so unprepared in some ways and also completely ready and excited.

the only thing keeping me halfway calm is reading erich schiffmann's book. he's working really hard to convince me that yes at my core i am actually goodness, love, peace, calmness. like everyone. i'm trusting that i can stay with that during this training and that whatever shows up for me it will be ok!

i'm working on finding my own voice and that's what i hope to get out of this endeavor--a little more knowledge and peacefulness about who i am, whether i end up being a yoga teacher or not.

i just threw an entire bag of spinach on the stove. warm, calming, sugar free FOOD. that's what i need right now to fortify me for the journey ahead!

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Blake Gilbert said...

schiffman was my teacher in LA: are you reading "moving into stillness"?